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Legible shelf labels to enhance product traceability and the movement of goods in the warehouse.

Barcodes and other printed identification data on storage shelves help to ensure smooth logistics flows within the company. Thermal Transfer print technology is fully suited to the variety of storage constraints at different warehouses.

At a storage or order-fulfillment centre, shelf labels must be fully visible to operators and be able to be read with a high level of reliability by a barcode reader. This helps to identify storage locations and enhances both computerised stock management and the order-picking process.

Certain print technologies are not suitable for high temperatures or high humidity and dust levels at storage locations. One badly printed or damaged label runs the risk of unproductive operator time, of being illegible to an optical reader and of generating stock reporting errors in the computer system.

Some warehouses are open to the outdoors, exposing the labels to attack from humidity, UV light and temperature variations. The storage of liquid products such as solvents may taint the label and damage the printed message.

All these factors must be taken into account when selecting the print solution.

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