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Offers a reliable solution for printing that is solvent resistant and which also complies with international GHS regulations and the BS5609 standard.

Reliable printing of GHS labels

Labels for bottles or drums containing chemicals communicate data and symbols required under GHS regulations (Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals). Such information warns of the hazards to people and the environment during the transportation and utilisation of the product.
So it is critical for the label to be perfectly legible from the moment it is affixed until the residues are recycled and the container is cleaned.

Printing constraints on chemical product labelling

The printing of barcodes, product composition, product traceability data and GHS symbols must be resistant to external attack.
Products rubbing together, dripping solvent and demanding storage environments can all expose the ink to significant duress. Heat, cold, humidity, solvents, UV exposure: not all inks offer adequate resistance.
A label that complies with the GHS standard requires the printing of standardised red and black information and symbols.
The use of an ink/label combination certified to BS5609 (3 months immersion in sea water) provides guaranteed adhesive performance, print durability and abrasion resistance.

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Long Shuo advantage

Perfect compatibility of Langshuos ribbon.

perfect performance of Langshuos ribbon.

Perfect print cost of Langshuos ribbon.

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