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Bag of Parts& Products

The printing of product bag labels offers excellent visual and optical readability alongside levels of resistance in keeping with the demands of the product life cycle.

Identification of bagged products

The nature of certain products or their distribution method requires them to be packed in bags or packets: spare parts, ironmongery, foodstuffs, powdered products, seeds, etc.
On a transparent bag, the label is the only space to display all of the information related to the product (description, barcodes, serial number, etc) and to convey the brand image of the company (name and logo). The visual quality offered by Thermal Transfer technology helps to provide high-quality communication.
Sometimes packed in bulk lots, bags undergo abrasion capable of damaging the label and its printed matter. With Thermal Transfer, the wide variety of available inks offers the appropriate level of resistance for the particular environment, guaranteeing the legibility and durability of the information.

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Long Shuo advantage

Perfect compatibility of Langshuos ribbon.

perfect performance of Langshuos ribbon.

Perfect print cost of Langshuos ribbon.

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