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Box and crate labels remain fully legible right up to the final delivery of the contents

Product box identification labels and barcodes

In many industries the collection, transportation, storage and distribution of products is carried out using plastic or wooden crates: food processing, automotive, pharmaceuticals, horticulture, textiles, etc.
Variable information printed on crate labels is used to identify the contents and to route them to a particular location depending on the position in the logistics chain. One illegible barcode or faded batch number and the entire logistics chain can be disrupted and even lead to the delivery being rejected by the customer.

Box label printing constraints

The production, storage and transportation environments to which the boxes and crates are exposed can have an impact on the durability and legibility of the printed message.
The agricultural and horticultural sectors require printing that is resistant to humidity, outdoor temperatures and UV light. Storage and handling conditions of crates in the manufacturing sector can lead to label abrasion. In automotive and aeronautics there is the risk of the label becoming tainted by substances present on operators gloves. And finally, the re-utilisation of crates and boxes in the food-processing and pharmaceuticals industries requires cleaning and sterilisation to be carried out using detergents.
Label printing technology by Thermal Transfer is compatible with all these requirements provided that the most appropriate label material and ink are used.

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