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Started from 1997, Beijing Langshuo Digital Co., Ltd is a high science and tech manufacturer specialized in R&D and production of new materials, engaged in manufacturing and sales.

Langshuo Digital is the only one factory, which with its core technology, producing wax-resin, resin,TTO and washable resin TTR,etc. The ribbons serves the barcode printing, also break the technological monopoly of abroad.

Langshuo Digital is the only one factory, which achieves in chemical& Mechatronics. According to its own chemical craft to customize the coating equipment, also the achieve is the key to stable in accurate chemical. All of these contribute to a better market share.

Langshuo Digital is the only one factory, which introduced environment conservation into its production. Smelless ribbon needs professional materials and craft. Although production cost increased, Langshuo protects the end user. As the awareness of health enhanced, smelless ribbon will be the new tendency of this field.

The amount of TTR is jumble, with our tech advantage, langshuo will develop vertically. Besides wax-resin, resin and washable resin barcode ribbon, langshuo enjoys its mature technology of cutting machine and coating machine, which will be in market.

Reputation is originated in quality, and then quality is originated in responsibility. Langshou is completely focus on crafted products, and also appreciate your ever-long support& concern.